Updated december 19th/2009
Here you can find custom builds for Rockbox. These inlcude the patch FS#7652 that adds support for M3U Extended Playlists.
This is useful to view playlists generated with iPod/iTunes to RockBox Playlist Converter.

Source used for these builds: rockbox_source.zip

How to enable support for M3U Extended Playlists in Rockbox.

1. Enter Playlists in the root menu.

2. Enter to View Catalog option (this shows content of Playlist folder on iPod.)

3. Select any of your playlists.

4. Enter View Current Playlist to view content of playlist selected.

5. You see the songs in playlist.

6. Press Menu on the wheel to enter settings of viewer, and select Track Display.

7. Select EXTM3U title only or EXTM3U title and time option. (this options are added by the patch)

8. Return to view your playlist and now you can see it like you wanted.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Could you also please host a zip file containing the sourcecode you've used to generate these builds ?

I can't see one in the list of files there at the moment, and it is a requirement of the GPL that you provide one alongside the binaries.


Victor Cardenas said...

ups! you are right... source code is posted now.

Che' said...
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Che' said...

Hey Vic
Thanks a ton, I came back to your site after a long while and boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise. I have been struggling with the WXYZ.mp3 names. Let me just see how it works after I put the build on my ipod.

By any chance, would you know of a media organizer for rockbox to be used on windows which offers similar functionality to itunes?

Che' said...

Hi Vic
I tried your build for ipod video 30gb and it doesn't work :(

I still see the stupid 4 alphabet filenames :(

Am I doing something wrong?

I deleted the whole .rockbox folder from the ipod and extracted the contents of your zip file. I didn't have any playlists, so created a new one out of a directory. The names are still cryptic after selecting EXTM3U title only in the track display menu :(

Victor Cardenas said...

Hi Che', well, the patch in this build does not change the filenames when you are browsing folders on filesystem, neither names in dynamic playlist (for example when you select a folder to play)... it only fix song names in static playlists, that ones you must previously create and store in Playlist folder in the root of your iPod.
You can use my other program to convert iTunes playlist in your iPod to static playlist, or use any other tool to create playlist in m3u format.
I know this is not the definitive solution for 4 char filenames problem, but this is the best we have for now.

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly make this patch available for ipod nano 1st generation? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant ipod nano 2nd generation. Thanks again!

Victor Cardenas said...

Yes, i can make a patch for ipod nano 2nd generation. Just give me a few days, because the patch is not syncing with the latest rockbox build, so i have to trace the errors and update the patch to make all the builds again, and i will include the nano 2nd generation.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I hate those that 4 letter stuff. It seems like half my library comes up as "The ". Thanks!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I hate that 4 letter stuff. It seems like half my library comes up as "The ". Thanks!

Victor Cardenas said...

There you go... new builds with latest Rockbox, and including ipod nano 2nd generation.

brad said...

Having problems with the nano 2nd gen build. Playlists will not play. When I view them, I cannot see the extended track names and when I try to play them I get an (err) in front of each track. If I do get to the now playing screen, it shows no song title and is frozen at the time I last played a partial song.

Victor Cardenas said...

@brad: I don't have a nano 2nd gen, but in the simulator it works just fine. Maybe is some issue because is not an stable release yet, so best i can do for now, is update the builds more frequently to reflect the improvements in the code on that player. Today I'm releasing the builds with rockbox's yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!but there seems a same bugs both with the upper ipod nano 2 Gen,my device is ipod 3 Gen,after played a playlist ,the other with got Err(XXXX) in the list!